New features, fixes, and improvements to Rive.


  • Increased maximum zoom to 25600% (released in 0.8.879).

  • Display pixel grid when zoom is at 800% or more and added pixel-snapping (enable in the visibility menu).

Fixes and improvements

  • Sorting image assets by “Added” in the Assets panel now lists assets in the order in which they were selected in the file upload dialog.

  • Addressed problem with copy-pasting files in the file browser failing in some scenarios.

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards containing referenced or hosted assets not appearing in the parent artboard.

  • Elastic interpolation should now be successfully copied when copying keys.

  • Selecting an item in the hierarchy will deselect any items selected in a state machine or timeline (to avoid accidentally deleting from the timeline or state machine).

  • Clipping is now performed per path and treats hidden paths as empty paths.

  • Removed the blue “ANIMATING” badge to reduce resource usage.

  • Improved text selection behavior when renaming file and folder names in the file browser.

  • Adjusting the size of a parametric shape using the bounding box handles will now adjust the shape X/Y positions and parametric path size.

  • Fixed issue with marquee selection behaving incorrectly when selecting vertices with the weight tool.

  • Resolved issue with share links, Community posts, etc. not loading correctly when a mesh was bound to a bone that had Y scale at 0%.


  • Paths are now valid targets for a follow path constraint (previously had to select a shape).

Fixes and improvements

  • Resolved issue with state machine nested inputs not being correctly validated in runtimes.

  • Several updates to listeners:

    • An artboard can now be a target for a listener (supports custom events, not pointer events).

    • Pointer events not supported by a listener target are now filtered from the events list in the Inspector.

    • Added messaging in the Inspector when a listener does not have a target.

  • Fixed crash when marquee-selecting multiple keys for rectangles and other parametric shapes in the timeline.

  • Fixed crash when triggering a nested input in the parent artboard’s Inputs panel.


Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with Shift+awsdhv moving a text object when the user tried to type a capital letter.

  • Resolved issue that prevented keying event properties when the property type was String or Boolean.


Fixes and improvements

  • Added support for setting an artboard as an event listener target.

  • Restored ability to expand/collapse PSD files in the Assets panel.

  • Resolved issue with duplicated listeners disappearing shortly after duplication.

  • Fixed issue with elements dropping out of the viewable stage when the editor was in portrait layout.


Fixes and improvements

  • Follow path constraint now works correctly with the distance value set to 100%, 200%, etc.

  • Added messaging to the file browser to indicate when a plan subscription is in a pending state, along with a link to manage the plan.

  • Resolved incorrect behavior when adding keys to a curve in the graph editor.

  • Fixed issue with a listener not being properly copy-pasted to a different artboard when the listener in the original artboard was listening to an event.

  • Prevent triggering animation playback when holding the spacebar while drawing objects.

  • Addressed issue with events not being applied in some scenarios.

  • Resolved issue with the state machine in a parent artboard showing old data in some scenarios when the nested artboard properties change.

  • Mac desktop: Resolved crash when clicking return key twice on a text object.


  • Hold spacebar while drawing shapes, text, artboards, and joysticks to position the object.

Fixes and improvements

  • Right-click to duplicate a state machine listener.

  • Hiding target layers or bones no longer disables the connected constraints.

  • Enabled typeahead and scrolling on joystick timeline fields in the inspector.

  • Resolved issue publishing to the Community when two timelines have the same name (though it’s better to have unique names).

  • Fixed system cursor flickering when rotating an object.

  • Resolved issue with importing .rev that contained 2 or more PSDs.

  • Fixed nested artboards kept playing under Solos that were not focused.


  • Quickly align origins using Alt/Option+w/a/s/d/h/v shortcuts.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with vertices moving incorrectly when editing a mesh after moving bones bound to the vertices.

  • Resolved issue publishing to the Community when a state machine and timeline have the same name.

  • Disabled unused Ctrl/Cmd+3 editor shortcut.

  • Addressed issue with 3-file limit banner not appearing immediately after copy-pasting files.

  • Resolved issue that required users to refresh the editor after returning from creating a new team.

  • Avoiding animation errors with gradients by clamping color stop values to the correct 0-1 range (runtime update).

  • Replaced Select custom cursor with system cursor to improve cursor responsiveness with large files.

  • Animation folders are no longer displayed in the nested animations selection popup in the inspector.

  • Resolved crash when using Ctrl/Cmd click to multi-select paths in different procedural shapes.

  • Resolved crash when clicking “Restore” in Revision History when a file contains JSON (Lottie) assets.

  • Resolved crash when quickly selecting different revisions in the Revision History panel.


Fixes and improvements

  • Increased height of the Text Run input field and added a scrollbar to make multi-line text runs easier to edit.

  • Addressed issue with a clip incorrectly applied to a group when using ESC to dismiss the clipping UI.

  • Updated and aligned lists in Animations, Inputs, and Listeners panels.

  • Can now double-click beside a layer label in the hierarchy to focus the label text for editing.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed copy-pasting keys issue introduced in 0.8.756.

  • Optimized artboard duplication to significantly reduce the duplication time with complex artboards and avoid “locking up” the editor.

  • Added “Loading…” status to the Revision History UI to prevent clicking the “Restore” button before the selected revision is loaded.

  • Resolved Windows desktop app crash when using keyboard arrow keys to edit zoom level when Wacom drivers are installed.

  • [Website] Restored Delete Account option in Account.

  • [Website] Fixed Upload Avatar feature in Account.

Fixes and improvements

  • [Website] Restored “resend verification email” option in Account.

  • [Website] Updated new Account pages to be more mobile-friendly.

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards not respecting opacity value set in the parent artboard.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to snap back to a text field when dragging the cursor outside the text field onto the stage.

  • Addressed an issue on Macs related to adding a Control+Return newline at the end of a text run.

  • Resolved issue with the editor getting into a bad state when copy-pasting keyframes and performing undo multiple times.

  • Resolved an issue that made it appear that assets were loading each time a file was opened when those assets had previously failed to load.

  • Addressed an issue in which mixing animations of a nested artboard from its parent artboard could produce unexpected results.

  • Fixed a bug in which rotation cursor did not appear at higher zoom levels.

  • Resolved Windows desktop app crash when using keyboard arrow keys to edit Inspector values when Wacom drivers were installed.

  • Resolved crash when duplicating strokes in the Inspector.


  • Optimized and simplified Account and Upgrade pages.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved performance in the editor when working with files that have extensive hierarchies.

  • Resolved an issue with playback not working correctly for one-shot animations when the timeline Work Area had been adjusted.

  • “Made with Rive” logo in Cloud Renderer preview now matches logo in exported files.

  • “Upgrade” buttons/links in the file browser now point to correct Upgrade page.

Fixes and improvements

  • Tags and tag filtered states are now copied to the new artboard when an artboard is duplicated or copy-pasted.

  • Added support for copying keys between different parametric paths (e.g between rectangle and ellipse) when the keyed properties type exists on both paths (e.g., scale).

  • Solo target nodes that are not toggled on in the hierarchy should not be hoverable/selectable in the artboard.

  • Setting an Exit Time in a state machine that is longer than a one-shot animation’s duration now works.

  • Fixed issue with Follow Path constraints not working as expected with solos.

  • Prevent constraints and draw rules from appearing in solos Active key dropdown list.

  • No longer allow importing .riv or .rev into an open file in the editor; can continue importing these into the file browser.

  • Text runs can now be empty strings.

  • Disabled Download menu in the editor when viewing a file opened using the Community “Preview in Rive” option.

  • Resolved crash when clicking Delete in an empty text object.

  • Resolved crash when using Alt-drag (Option-drag) to resize an object with origin at 0,0.

  • Resolved crash related to copy-pasting keys between multiple selected paths.

Known issues that will be resolved on Sept 1

  • Rive logo in Cloud Renderer preview is different than logo in exported files.

  • "Upgrade" buttons/links in the file browser point to Accounts page, instead of New Studio page.

Fixes and improvements

  • Resolved issue with being unable to add constraints in Design mode in previous release.

  • Desktop apps: Fixed issue with incorrect Zoom menu placement when app was scaled down.


  • Path and vertex shortcuts

    • Alt+drag (Option+drag) to duplicate vertices - plus a new “duplicate” cursor style.

    • Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) on vertex to toggle between mirrored and straight handles.

    • With Select or Pen tool, Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) on vertex handle to remove that handle.

    • With Select or Pen tool, Alt+click (Opt+click) on a vertex handle to detach the handle.

    • With Pen tool, Alt+click (Opt+click) on a vertex to delete the vertex.

    • Hold Alt (Opt) to detach Pen tool while drawing a path.

  • Updated default cursor style for Select tool.

Fixes and improvements

  • Artboards now default to having “Clip” option toggled off.

  • Mac desktop: Removed system beep when pasting items.

  • Improved tag filtering performance when multiple tags are in use.

  • Fixed issue with nested artboards not updating follow path constraints.

  • Resolved issue with multi-selecting files/folders in the file browser.

  • Fixed crash when trying to drag the scrollbar in the state machine console log.


  • Tagging system.

  • Letter spacing.

  • Convert Group to Solo (right-click menu when a group is selected in the hierarchy).

  • Added trackpad pinch-to-zoom to animation timelines and value graph editor.

  • Right-click on file in the file browser to download a previous revision.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved the Revision History UI in the editor.

  • Enabled shift-key snapping with bezier handles in value graph editor for value types we missed in a previous release.

  • Added automatic scrolling when using page up/page down (Windows) or Fn+up/down arrow keys (Mac) when cycling through animations in the Animations panel.


  • You can now use page up/page down (Windows) or Fn+up/down arrow keys (Mac) to cycle through animations in the Animations panel.

Fixes and improvements

  • Addressed an issue with how we were computing the bounds for clipping, which was affecting text origin, baseline, and transform constraints.

  • Fixed issues with editing values in the Font Options popout for variable fonts.

  • Follow path constraint now supports distance values less than 0% and greater than 100% in the timeline Distance property.


  • Timeline zooming with scroll! Hold Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) and scroll with trackpad or scroll wheel. Works on timelines and graph editor.

  • Added support for importing .riv & .rev files that contain Google fonts and custom fonts.

Fixes and improvements

  • Enhanced visibility toggles in hierarchy:

    • Hold Alt (Opt) while clicking item to toggle visibility of all other items, excluding children of clicked item.

    • Hold Ctrl+Alt (Cmd+Opt) while clicking item to toggle visibility of all other items, including children of clicked item.

  • Follow path constraint now supports distance values less than 0% and greater than 100% in the constraint popout menu.

  • No longer allow binding bones in one artboard to an object in a different artboard, as this could lead to editor crashing.

  • Fixed issue with transform constraint trying to transform to shape bounds.

  • Updated login error messages to be more informative.

  • Text updates:

    • Enable animation of the text run style property.

    • Resolved issue with setting a transform constraint for a bone with a text object as the target when the text object origin was not 0,0.

    • Fixed issue whereby text modifiers weren’t visible during playback while a text run was selected in the hierarchy.

    • Addressed incorrect behavior when mousing over font styles in the font style combobox.

    • Fixed text cursor not reverting back to default cursor.

    • Addressed some text alignment issues.

    • Update text render styles when origin changes.

    • Changing font size now updates the text editor selection.

    • Fixed gradients on text.

  • Resolved a number of crashes:

    • With the cloud renderer when a follow path constraint had no target.

    • When a mesh is copied to anything other than an image.

    • A handful of other crashes identified from logs.


  • Added a toggle to control visibility of targets and empty groups separately from bones.

  • Added shift-key snapping to bezier handles in value graph editor.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a crash on Windows related to text.


  • Text!

    • Create text objects, styles, runs, and modifiers.

    • Animate variable fonts.

    • Google Fonts are provided by default, but you can upload custom fonts. See documentation.

    • Runs are a way to segment a text field into different sections. You can target runs at runtime to change their content dynamically. See documentation.

    • Apply different text styles to runs. See documentation.

    • Convert text to paths (flatten).

    • Text modifiers are a powerful way to add layered animation to text, while maintaining its editability! See documentation.

    • Use transform constraints to resize graphics to text objects. See tutorial.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated follow path to respect the scale values of the constrained component and to support distance values greater than 100% or less than 0%.

  • Resolved value graph bugs related to duplicate keyframes that could result in files that would not open in the editor.


  • Follow Path constraint!

  • Quantize frames.

    • Render only a specific number of frames per second (rather than trying to render as high FPS as possible).

  • Show/hide icon in the hierarchy now controls visibility of joysticks, bones, and groups/targets.

Fixes and improvements

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards preventing the direct selection of other objects on the main artboard.

  • Desktop apps: Fixed issue with state machine transitions not reaching exit time successfully when the Work Area was enabled.

  • Improved performance when exporting files with large numbers of components (e.g., Rive file contains complex SVGs).

  • Non-parametric shapes with single or multiple child paths now use the “Custom Shape” icon in the hierarchy.

  • Improved undo behavior when copy-pasting styles.

  • Addressed issue with keyboard presses not working immediately after making a selection in a combobox.

  • Fixed distance constraint gizmo not being visible when artboard is zoomed.

  • Remaps now advance to update when scrubbing the timeline and previewing in Design mode.

  • Edited inconsistent labeling for distance constraint between properties and timeline (changed “Length” to “Distance”).

  • Resolved a crash by preventing artboards from being grouped.

  • Addressed a crash related to opening the transform constraints panel in the Inspector.

  • Avoid crash when artboard width or height is less than 1 px.


  • Motion Paths.

  • Interpolation on transitions.

  • Copy/paste keys from one shape to another, including vertices, strokes, trim paths, fills, gradients, constraints, and paths.

  • “Show Final Playback” option to hide bones, motion paths, and selection states when playing an animation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Color spots in the Inspector now distinguish between fill and stroke.

  • Can now set separate background colors for the stage in Design and Animate modes.

  • Added right-click option to delete listener triggers.

  • Addressed incorrect behavior when pasting cubic values into an interpolation graph.

  • Lottie improvements:

    • Fix setting multiple keyframes to the same time value when precision is lost by rounding frames to two decimal points.

    • Fix time remap for artboards with longer times than the main animation.

    • Set loop value as one-shot for Nested Artboards (to match AE behavior).


  • Added folders for Inputs and Listeners.

Fixes and improvements

  • Enabled Alt/Option to show delete button in Listeners panel.

  • Improved asset management to greatly reduce image “re-processing” time when loading a file or when the editor session refreshes.

  • Improved Lottie import behavior with nested artboards.

  • Resolved issue with duplicate artboard names when posting to the Community.

  • Copy-pasting solos with images from one file to another should now paste all images.

  • Fixed issue in which copy-pasting one image with a mesh and then copy-pasting a second image with a mesh resulting in the second mesh applied to a copy of the first image.

  • Additional fix for objects drawn “outside” of an artboard disappearing from the stage when an artboard with “Clip” disabled is moved outside the visible stage.

  • Increased memory allocated to image import jobs (some customers reported being unable to import images larger than roughly 5000 x 5000 px).

  • Desktop apps: Fixed crash related to having more than 15 bones bound to an object.


  • Joysticks!

  • New layout and location for the Assets panel.

  • Toggle between Hierarchy and Assets view using Cmd + 1 and Cmd + 2 (Ctrl on Windows).

  • Added sorting options for Assets panel.

  • Can now drag-drop multiple assets onto an artboard from the Assets panel.

  • Added multi-select support for Inputs and Listeners.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with dropdown menus, popups and other panels sometimes requiring two clicks to open, as well as some panels getting stuck open.

  • Display a warning in the editor when editor detects that a nested artboard is nested within itself.

  • Refactored Cloud Renderer and Community post modals to correctly handle conflicting (i.e., duplicate) artboard names.

  • Resolved issue with objects on the stage disappearing when an artboard with “Clip” disabled is moved outside the visible stage.

  • Fixed stretched checkbox in nested artboard flyout.

  • Tidied up file browser sort combo box.

  • Edited mismatched property names for Distance constraint in the timeline and Distance Constraint flyout.


Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue where bones would not hide.

  • Mac Desktop: Updated Google Oauth login flow.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated Align & Distribute tools to work correctly when the artboard origin has been changed.

  • Fixed issue in which period key stopped working in some scenarios.

  • Improved behavior when using Alt-drag (Option-drag) to duplicate bones.

  • Fixed issue with color picker closing when editing linear or radial gradient values.

  • Addressed an issue in which using undo could incorrectly remove an artboard.

  • Updated Share Link modal behavior to allow duplicate artboard names (a similar update to the Cloud Renderer and Post to Community modals is in progress).

Known issues

  • Windows desktop: Alt-tab app switching shortcut will switch between Design and Animate modes in the Editor (we are working on a solution that will avoid this and work with the other Rive shortcuts).


  • Added ability to delete multiple selected animations.

Fixes and improvements

  • Changed Translate tool shortcut to Q. This is in preparation for incoming dedicated tools for Rotate (W) and Scale (E).

  • Added missing right-click menus for deleting bound bones and conditions.

  • Disabled a shortcut that accidentally enabled a secret feature.


  • Alt-drag (Option-drag) to duplicate objects on the stage.

  • Added link to changelog - click on app version number in upper-right corner.

  • Hold Alt/Option to show delete button in the Inspector.

  • Windows desktop: Fixed crazy zooming behavior with mouse wheel.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated styling of the Inspector panel and timeline (i.e., icons, input fields, alignment, contrast, etc.).

  • Disable right-click menu in Selection Colors panel.

  • Prevent right-click from opening combo boxes.

  • Color picker popout no longer overlapping the Inspector.

  • Fixed crash related to enabling the timeline work area after changing the timeline FPS.

  • Desktop apps: No longer respond to keyboard when app is minimized.

Fixes and improvements

  • Tweaked bezier length/angle tooltip location when adjusting vertices.

  • Copy-paste shortcuts in the file browser are working again.

  • Fixed issue with copy-pasting artboards with nested artboards.

  • Resolved crash when dragging out guides when a file has no artboards.

  • Updates to copy-pasting child bones.

  • Fixed recent issue with period/dot key not working in timeline fields (e.g., Speed).

  • macOS app: In fullscreen the Cmd+period shortcut moves the playhead to the next key as expected.

  • Windows app: Fixed Alt key shortcuts.


  • Solos! Quick overview.

  • Major rework of copy-paste within and between files.

  • Copy-paste mesh from one image to another.

Fixes and improvements

  • Reworked the blue frame alerts to prevent multiple frames from appearing (frame alerts are shown when binding bones, selecting the clipping source, when freeze is active, and a number of other scenarios).

  • Fixed runtime crash with skins nested in Solo nodes.


  • Maximize and minimize the animation panel with the backtick shortcut (`).

  • Strokes added to paths now default to rounded caps and joins.

  • Pasting an artboard will now pan to the pasted artboard.

  • Splitting paths now result in an asymmetric vertex rather than a detached vertex.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed inconsistent behaviors with ping-pong and loop playback in the Editor when using the spacebar versus the play/pause button.

  • Fixed a crash with the keyboard shortcut for our super-secret chat feature.

  • Can now paste an artboard into an empty file (a file that does not already contain an artboard).


  • Design edits are now saved when working on a State Machine.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with constraint targets being removed when using undo/redo.

  • Resolved some inconsistencies when using spacebar versus play button in forward and reverse playback in the Editor.

  • Addressed crash when rulers are enabled and all artboards were deleted.


  • Control the speed of animations in State Machines (aka “speed on states”) - slow them down, speed them up, go in reverse!

  • File Browser list view.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved Undo behavior with Lottie files.


  • We're releasing the Windows Desktop app today! Now all your Windows friends can stop being so jealous.

Fixes and improvements

  • Resolved a crash when editing a mesh in some scenarios.

  • Various backend fixes and optimizations.


  • Trigger color picker with I or Ctrl+C (macOS) shortcuts.

  • Enabled Cmd+R rename shortcut for nested artboards.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue in which canceling the file upload dialog would disable shortcuts.

  • Copying gradients from custom shapes/paths should now work as expected.

  • Cloud Renderer now prevents user from setting a zero width/height for exports.

  • Prevent multiple “Convert to Path” dialogs being opened at the same time.

  • Fixed issue caused by deleting an asset from the Assets panel while the asset was still uploading/processing.

  • Setting a hex color value in the inspector should now maintain the existing opacity value.

  • Fixed copy-paste not working on the Stage when browser clipboard access is disabled.

  • Addressed several issues with Ctrl+Z (Undo).

  • Fixed issue with losing focus in the Editor when Save/Open file dialogs were displayed.

  • Resolved crashes in a handful of scenarios:

    • When using Z to zoom the state machine panel.

    • Opening Animate mode when there are no artboards or animations.

    • When client has no internect connection.

    • Zooming in/out while resizing an object on the stage, typically when editing a path.

  • Updated the styling on shape bounding boxes.

  • Updated file delete confirmation dialogs.


  • Added support for Lottie file precomposition layers and improved overall Lottie file import behavior.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed problem with blend state playback in state machines that we introduced in v0.8.156.

  • Addressed issue with bone colors not updating correctly in some scenarios.


  • Marquee Zoom: Hold Z while dragging out a marquee to zoom in. Hold Opt + Z to zoom out. Works with single clicks, too!

  • New Share/Publish/Download action button in the Editor to quickly select common actions.

  • Manage previous Share Links and Embed codes in the redesigned Share Link UI.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to jump the playhead to the start (Cmd + Shift + ,) or end (Cmd + Shift + .) of the timeline.

  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + R to rename hierarchy items.

  • Added Restart button to relaunch desktop app after crash.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed flickering issue with the Publish to Community modal.

  • First frame of nested artboards should no longer be dropped from exports and share links.

  • Inspector fields with three decimal place values should no longer wrap.

  • Improved file reconnect behavior after app is disconnected from backend.

  • Fixed issue that prevented copy-pasting styles between objects when text was in the clipboard.

  • No longer need an extra click in the file browser window to select folders/files or to import files.

  • Switched panning direction in Graph Editor.

  • Improved the U shortcut behavior.

  • Increased width of artboard selection dropdown for nested artboard target.

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