Rive Renderer

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A major breakthrough in real-time vector graphics

Insane speed. Exceptional quality. Tiny size.

Insane speed.
Exceptional quality.
Tiny size.

A technological leap

The Rive Renderer draws an unprecedented amount of vectors on screen. Everything animates and deforms without losing quality. Graphics remain crisp and clear regardless of scale, resolution, or device. Best of all, it doesn't require new hardware.

Perfect text

You don't have to sacrifice quality for speed – the Rive Renderer delivers both. Text appears perfectly crisp at any size, thanks to analytic antialiasing. You can fill the screen with animated text that looks perfectly sharp, all without making a dent in framerate.

Rive GameKit for Flutter

The Rive GameKit for Flutter is the first product to take advantage of the Rive Renderer. It's available now as a technical preview.

GameKit for Flutter

Unlocks new features

Rive runs on many platforms. These platforms use different renderers with varying features. Making Rive visuals consistent and performant across all requires effort. It also means we can’t quickly implement highly requested features (like blurs and drop shadows) since not all renderers support them.

The Rive Renderer allows us to support all new features across platforms while maintaining visual fidelity with the Rive Editor. It’s also much faster at rendering Rive content than other platform renderers.

Custom integrations

We're already working with several companies to integrate the Rive Renderer into their custom platforms. Want to get the Rive Renderer running in your product?

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