Rive for Game UI

Video game UI gets a modern pipeline

Create animated user interfaces and
heads-up displays for video games.

Insane speed.
Exceptional quality.
Tiny size.

"If you enjoy making games and don't hate yourself, use Rive”

Joseph Riedel, CTO, Pocketwatch Games

Building game UI is a mess

Depending on the tools used, what the designer envisions could be extremely complicated, or even impossible, for developers to implement. Current solutions are either not designer-friendly or require the developer to rebuild the designer’s vision in code. It’s a time-consuming process that makes it difficult to iterate.

Rive lets you create UI and interactive 2D graphics that are ready to run

Rive brings this critical collaboration into one platform — allowing designers to build real interactions. They’re not mockups, prototypes, or videos. They’re runtime graphics with rich visuals and animation that can change state at any moment.

What you build in Rive behaves the same way in your game

  • Build high-fidelity vector UI with perfect antialiasing

  • Animate text for game menus & HUDs

  • Create dynamic game characters and props with raster or vector

  • Coordinate audio, game state changes, or any actionable code

  • Designers think like developers without having to write code

  • Developers save valuable time with each design iteration

Animations are blazing fast in Rive

Our groundbreaking new Rive Renderer draws an unprecedented amount of vectors with perfect analytic antialiasing.

Custom game engine integration

We're already working with several studios to integrate Rive into their custom engines. Want to get the Rive running in your game?

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