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Enable your team to collaborate on the same files, in real time, from any location. With teams, product designers can work together to follow a consistent motion language. Game designers can share their assets in a centralized location. Engineers gain insight into the design process and can see how assets are rigged.
Teeny tiny file sizes
Videos require an image for each frame, but Rive animations only store animation data like bone position and rotation. This means that interactive animations can take up as little space as a static image. Rive also supports vector graphics, which means your animations take up even less space and are resolution independent.
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Buttery smooth animations
Animations in Rive are interpolated in real time with your app or game's frame rate. This means you can change the speed at which your animation is playing at any time, like going into slow-motion, without losing any quality.


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Interactive animations
Integrate your Rive animations into interactions throughout your app to create a unique, joyful experience that stands out amongst others.
Mix it up
Not only can Rive animations smoothly blend from one to another, but they can also layer on top of one another. You can use this technique to blend multiple animations together depending on the state of your app. Rather than creating all the different combinations of these states, animators only have to create one animation, freeing up their time to work on something else.
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Or switch it up
Of course, all of this can be manipulated with code to add even more interactivity. Connect your graphics to data, swap out images at runtime, change colors, follow the mouse position, and more.
Easily deploy Rive animations to all your products, properties, and touchpoints. The Rive runtimes are open-source libraries that give you full control of your Rive files across various platforms and devices. Learn more about them here.
Optimized for size
We recognize the importance of keeping file sizes to a minimum. Currently, our web runtime is less than 50kb, with animation files typically around 10kb (gzipped).
Designed for control
Our runtimes are designed to provide the greatest level of control over your animations. You can manipulate any aspect of your animation in real-time, and control the primary run loop.
Entirely open-source
All runtimes are entirely open-source, offering full transparency, the means to tailor them to your needs, or contribute to the development of existing and new runtimes.

Rive is free for individuals and supports paid plans for teams. Teams allow you to create a shared space where you and other team members can collaborate in real-time, no matter where you are. Read more about our fair billing policy here.

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Team plan


$14 / month per user

Share and collaborate in real-time

Invite team members

Collaborate in real-time

Shared workspace

No render watermark

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