• When hovering over the target for a constraint, clip, or draw rule in the Inspector, the corresponding item in the hierarchy will be highlighted (note: the highlighted item is not currently scrolled into view - we may add this behavior in the future).

Fixes and improvements

  • Optimizations to how assets are requested from the CDN to avoid recent issues with files not opening and other related issues.

  • Reduced the time needed to make image assets available in the editor when importing.

  • Added left/right scrolling to text fields to make long labels easier to manage.

  • Nested shapes and paths in solos now behave as expected in the editor and runtimes (matches the behavior of shapes in solos).

  • Constraints on elements in solos will now be ignored when the solo element is inactive.

  • Now ignore shapes/paths that are inactive in solos to avoid having pointer events trigger listeners for inactive elements in solos.

  • When the active element for a solo is deleted and then restored by Undo, the active state for that element is now also restored.

  • Selecting an item in an artboard will deselect any items selected in a state machine or timeline (to avoid accidentally deleting from the timeline or state machine).

  • Fixed issue with Draw Order rules being applied in the incorrect order in some scenarios, and resolved issue when undoing the deletion of a draw rule target.

  • Tweaked query logic to avoid a race condition when making consecutive requests with the search feature (Ctrl/Cmd+k).

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