Improved Align & Distribute, Alt-drag (Option-drag) to duplicate bones, and more




Fixes and improvements

  • Updated Align & Distribute tools to work correctly when the artboard origin has been changed.

  • Fixed issue in which period key stopped working in some scenarios.

  • Improved behavior when using Alt-drag (Option-drag) to duplicate bones.

  • Fixed issue with color picker closing when editing linear or radial gradient values.

  • Addressed an issue in which using undo could incorrectly remove an artboard.

  • Updated Share Link modal behavior to allow duplicate artboard names (a similar update to the Cloud Renderer and Post to Community modals is in progress).

Known issues

  • Windows desktop: Alt-tab app switching shortcut will switch between Design and Animate modes in the Editor (we are working on a solution that will avoid this and work with the other Rive shortcuts).

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