• Audio events! Audio clips! Audio Library from Soundly! Support for custom audio files in paid plans!

  • Randomize transitions between animations.

  • Enabled right-click context menu on artboards, including actions to Copy objects, Copy and Paste Styles, Delete objects, Add/Delete Tags, and Select underlying objects (actions also added to the hierarchy’s right-click context menu).

Fixes and improvements

  • Added options to expand, collapse, and hide tags in the timeline (available in the “Show selected” menu; default to Hidden).

  • Added “Users Cursors” toggle to show/hide cursors of other users editing the same file (available in the Zoom/View Options menu).

  • To aid rigging, added square and triangle target styles, as well as small and large target styles.

  • Reduced the line spacing in context menus throughout the app.

  • Added handle to the bottom of flyout panels to allow resizing tall panels.

  • Saving the timeline keyframe panel width between edit sessions.

  • Added Viewer user type to Create a Team page within the editor (was already available within Accounts when inviting users to a team).

  • Animation type icon not updating immediately in a state machine node when the animation type was changed.

  • Using Alt/Opt-drag to duplicate an item in an artboard was also expanding the hierarchy.

  • Nested artboard inputs were not being displayed in a folder in the parent artboard Inputs panel.

  • An extra image was exported when using the cloud renderer to export a PNG or SVG in Design mode.

  • Timeline row should not show master keyframes when the row is expanded.

  • When setting the listener type and inputs the current input selection was not highlighted and scrolled into view in the combobox popups.

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