Power features for creating conditions





  • Power features for creating Conditions. Hold Alt to:

    • Create a new input directly from the Motion Inspector

    • Create conditions with inputs already assigned

Fixes and improvements

  • Boolean and Number inputs are now initialized with the user defined initial values when used within a Nested Artboard.

  • Increased contrast of file browser folder labels when editing text.

  • Resolved issue that caused stroke show/hide toggle to stop working when stroke weight was set to 0.

  • Fixed issue with red distance constraint circle not being displayed when artboard origin was offset from 0,0.

  • Added a show/hide toggle to the new in-app Team Overview panel.

  • Fixed issue with PSD assets not being included in .riv exports when PSD assets set to Referenced.

  • Preventing creation of more than three files when copy-pasting files/folders in a Free plan.

  • Resolved inconsistent draw order behavior between editor and runtimes when draw order targets were not set.

  • Updated runtimes to correctly support font variables and features (e.g., kerning).

  • Applied dark style to all instances of the Upgrade modal.

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