• Removed the Rive watermark from downloaded .riv files, Community posts, and exports from the Cloud Renderer.

  • No longer allow importing .riv files into the editor.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added Open action to Share link modal to open a share or embed link in the default browser.

  • Now supports copy-pasting keyed text run styles between text runs in the same text object, as well as copy-pasting keyed text run values or styles between text runs in the same or different text objects.

  • Added support for copy-pasting joystick keys.

  • Restored delete/hide buttons to clipping target in the Inspector (inadvertently removed in a prior release).

  • Text objects now support the origin alignment shortcuts (Alt/Option+w/a/s/d/h/v).

  • Preventing pointer events from propagating to a nested artboard when the nested artboard is not the active solo element.

  • Fixed an issue with how interpolation IDs were managed in the editor which could cause the editor to crash or cause some interpolations to be lost.

  • Addressed issue with nested artboards reloading (flickering) in the editor during playback of a state machine in the parent artboard.

  • Resolved issue with text not being restored when a text style was deleted and then restored with Undo, along with a related issue with text not being redrawn when the style was changed.

  • Resolved crash when using Alt/Opt+drag to duplicate an object on the stage.

  • Fixed issue in which .zip batch exports from the file browser could be missing some files due to duplicate file names.

  • Removed filetype extension from imported and replaced assets to standardize/optimize asset handling across the editor and runtimes.

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