• Viewers! You can now invite viewers to your team for free.

Fixes and improvements

  • When adding conditions to state machine transitions:

    • Hold Opt/Alt key when clicking the “+” (Add Condition) button to see advanced options.

    • Click the “+” button without holding Opt/Alt to add a blank condition.

    • Can add multiple blank conditions.

  • Added option to "allow exit during transition" on state transitions.

  • Renamed “Download” to “Export” in the editor UI.

  • When joining a team the user should now see a confirmation message.

  • Addressed issue with assets in nested artboards not appearing when a file was opened from the Community in Preview mode.

  • Removed pre-populated team name on “Create a Team” page.

  • Fixed issue with unresponsive “Edit Text Run” button in the Inspector.

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