• Reworked the Cloud Renderer and Render Queue, and moved the Download, Share, Publish to Community, and Cloud Renderer options into the main (“hamburger”) menu.

  • Moved various file browser features into a new toolbar (Manage Account, Sign Out, notifications icon, navigation arrows, etc.).

  • Added breadcrumb navigation to the file browser.

Fixes and improvements

  • File browser view is now in dark mode (to save our eyes when switching between the editor and the file browser).

  • Added options to change user type (i.e., Member < > Admin) and remove users from within the file browser.

  • Fixed issue with text not appearing when Overflow was set to Hidden.

  • Resolved issue with Notifications not appearing in Accounts page.

  • Tweaked text alignment in state machine animation options popup.

  • Now correctly hiding Trash folder in Free plans.

  • Resolved crash related to mesh triangulation.

  • Resolved crash caused by trying to generate a share link after deleting the state machine and then not selecting another animation before trying to generate the share link.

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