Export object names for runtime





Fixes and improvements

  • Added clips to the Dependency Graph view.

  • Improved transition randomization using a nanosecond timestamp seed.

  • Added auto-incrementing to object names when duplicating or copy-pasting hierarchy objects.

  • Added “Replace with” option to hierarchy and artboard right-click context menus to allow replacing one image asset with another.

  • Fixed incorrect keyframe color when using Quantize option with some combinations of duration and FPS.

  • Addressed issue in which a listener on a rectangle was incorrectly triggered when the cursor was two pixels outside of the rectangle’s boundary (applies to rectangles with edges aligned to the vertical and horizontal axes).

  • Removed artboard names from the right-click “Select” menu to avoid a crash.

  • Restored “Download Revision” option to right-click menu in the Rive file browser (Pro/Team feature).

  • Fixed issue causing right-click context menu to show reduced options when a tag filter was applied to the hierarchy, as well as an issue that prevented a tag-filtered hierarchy to not update on delete.

  • Resolved issue in which a timeline playing with negative speed with an event reported on the first and last frames was incorrectly triggering those events three or more times.

  • Assets added to an artboard should preserve the order of those assets shown in the Assets panel.

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