• Quickly align origins using Alt/Option+w/a/s/d/h/v shortcuts.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with vertices moving incorrectly when editing a mesh after moving bones bound to the vertices.

  • Resolved issue publishing to the Community when a state machine and timeline have the same name.

  • Disabled unused Ctrl/Cmd+3 editor shortcut.

  • Addressed issue with 3-file limit banner not appearing immediately after copy-pasting files.

  • Resolved issue that required users to refresh the editor after returning from creating a new team.

  • Avoiding animation errors with gradients by clamping color stop values to the correct 0-1 range (runtime update).

  • Replaced Select custom cursor with system cursor to improve cursor responsiveness with large files.

  • Animation folders are no longer displayed in the nested animations selection popup in the inspector.

  • Resolved crash when using Ctrl/Cmd click to multi-select paths in different procedural shapes.

  • Resolved crash when clicking “Restore” in Revision History when a file contains JSON (Lottie) assets.

  • Resolved crash when quickly selecting different revisions in the Revision History panel.

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