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Aug 21, 2023


  • Path and vertex shortcuts

    • Alt+drag (Option+drag) to duplicate vertices - plus a new “duplicate” cursor style.

    • Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) on vertex to toggle between mirrored and straight handles.

    • With Select or Pen tool, Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) on vertex handle to remove that handle.

    • With Select or Pen tool, Alt+click (Opt+click) on a vertex handle to detach the handle.

    • With Pen tool, Alt+click (Opt+click) on a vertex to delete the vertex.

    • Hold Alt (Opt) to detach Pen tool while drawing a path.

  • Updated default cursor style for Select tool.

Fixes and improvements

  • Artboards now default to having “Clip” option toggled off.

  • Mac desktop: Removed system beep when pasting items.

  • Improved tag filtering performance when multiple tags are in use.

  • Fixed issue with nested artboards not updating follow path constraints.

  • Resolved issue with multi-selecting files/folders in the file browser.

  • Fixed crash when trying to drag the scrollbar in the state machine console log.

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