• Cloud Renderer now supports exporting an artboard as a single PNG or SVG while in Design mode, and exporting an animation as an SVG sequence while in Animate mode (SVG options available in Pro/Team/Enterprise/Studio plans).

  • Added support for importing SVGs with text.

  • Enabled artboard bounds on the stage to directly adjust artboard dimensions.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added View menu option to hide inactive solos, as well as options to individually hide the gizmo, joysticks, and events.

  • When using the Download Revision option in the file browser the exported .rev now includes assets.

  • Can now set a shape as its own clipping target.

  • Labels for state machine layer tabs can no longer be blank or only contain spaces.

  • Can now use the Return/Enter key to select a mesh in the hierarchy.

  • Avoiding odd behaviors by making sure to only export keyframes when the object with the keyframes is exported.

  • Resolved issue that was preventing an event from being reported when the event was on the final frame of an animation and the transition to the animation had an exit time set to 100%.

  • Fixed incorrect linear interpolation between colors that could result in blended colors being a solid red in share links or cloud renderer exports.

  • Fixed issue that was preventing manually reordering assets in the hierarchy.

  • Resolved incorrect behavior when multiple strokes are added to the same path with trim path applied and only some of the strokes also having transform effects applied.

  • Removed the slight delay when selecting an artboard.

  • Resolved crash when deleting multiple bones when two or more bones have weights set.

  • Avoiding crash by preventing setting the elastic easing period to zero.

  • Disabled the unreleased chat feature to avoid a crash when inadvertently selecting the feature’s shortcut.

  • Resolved crash when clicking ESC key in rapid succession to close the New File modal.

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