• Timeline zooming with scroll! Hold Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) and scroll with trackpad or scroll wheel. Works on timelines and graph editor.

  • Added support for importing .riv & .rev files that contain Google fonts and custom fonts.

Fixes and improvements

  • Enhanced visibility toggles in hierarchy:

    • Hold Alt (Opt) while clicking item to toggle visibility of all other items, excluding children of clicked item.

    • Hold Ctrl+Alt (Cmd+Opt) while clicking item to toggle visibility of all other items, including children of clicked item.

  • Follow path constraint now supports distance values less than 0% and greater than 100% in the constraint popout menu.

  • No longer allow binding bones in one artboard to an object in a different artboard, as this could lead to editor crashing.

  • Fixed issue with transform constraint trying to transform to shape bounds.

  • Updated login error messages to be more informative.

  • Text updates:

    • Enable animation of the text run style property.

    • Resolved issue with setting a transform constraint for a bone with a text object as the target when the text object origin was not 0,0.

    • Fixed issue whereby text modifiers weren’t visible during playback while a text run was selected in the hierarchy.

    • Addressed incorrect behavior when mousing over font styles in the font style combobox.

    • Fixed text cursor not reverting back to default cursor.

    • Addressed some text alignment issues.

    • Update text render styles when origin changes.

    • Changing font size now updates the text editor selection.

    • Fixed gradients on text.

  • Resolved a number of crashes:

    • With the cloud renderer when a follow path constraint had no target.

    • When a mesh is copied to anything other than an image.

    • A handful of other crashes identified from logs.

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