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Aug 31, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Tags and tag filtered states are now copied to the new artboard when an artboard is duplicated or copy-pasted.

  • Added support for copying keys between different parametric paths (e.g between rectangle and ellipse) when the keyed properties type exists on both paths (e.g., scale).

  • Solo target nodes that are not toggled on in the hierarchy should not be hoverable/selectable in the artboard.

  • Setting an Exit Time in a state machine that is longer than a one-shot animation’s duration now works.

  • Fixed issue with Follow Path constraints not working as expected with solos.

  • Prevent constraints and draw rules from appearing in solos Active key dropdown list.

  • No longer allow importing .riv or .rev into an open file in the editor; can continue importing these into the file browser.

  • Text runs can now be empty strings.

  • Disabled Download menu in the editor when viewing a file opened using the Community “Preview in Rive” option.

  • Resolved crash when clicking Delete in an empty text object.

  • Resolved crash when using Alt-drag (Option-drag) to resize an object with origin at 0,0.

  • Resolved crash related to copy-pasting keys between multiple selected paths.

Known issues that will be resolved on Sept 1

  • Rive logo in Cloud Renderer preview is different than logo in exported files.

  • "Upgrade" buttons/links in the file browser point to Accounts page, instead of New Studio page.

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