Motion paths and interpolation on transitions




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Jun 27, 2023


  • Motion Paths.

  • Interpolation on transitions.

  • Copy/paste keys from one shape to another, including vertices, strokes, trim paths, fills, gradients, constraints, and paths.

  • “Show Final Playback” option to hide bones, motion paths, and selection states when playing an animation.

Fixes and improvements

  • Color spots in the Inspector now distinguish between fill and stroke.

  • Can now set separate background colors for the stage in Design and Animate modes.

  • Added right-click option to delete listener triggers.

  • Addressed incorrect behavior when pasting cubic values into an interpolation graph.

  • Lottie improvements:

    • Fix setting multiple keyframes to the same time value when precision is lost by rounding frames to two decimal points.

    • Fix time remap for artboards with longer times than the main animation.

    • Set loop value as one-shot for Nested Artboards (to match AE behavior).

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