• Follow Path constraint!

  • Quantize frames.

    • Render only a specific number of frames per second (rather than trying to render as high FPS as possible).

  • Show/hide icon in the hierarchy now controls visibility of joysticks, bones, and groups/targets.

Fixes and improvements

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards preventing the direct selection of other objects on the main artboard.

  • Desktop apps: Fixed issue with state machine transitions not reaching exit time successfully when the Work Area was enabled.

  • Improved performance when exporting files with large numbers of components (e.g., Rive file contains complex SVGs).

  • Non-parametric shapes with single or multiple child paths now use the “Custom Shape” icon in the hierarchy.

  • Improved undo behavior when copy-pasting styles.

  • Addressed issue with keyboard presses not working immediately after making a selection in a combobox.

  • Fixed distance constraint gizmo not being visible when artboard is zoomed.

  • Remaps now advance to update when scrubbing the timeline and previewing in Design mode.

  • Edited inconsistent labeling for distance constraint between properties and timeline (changed “Length” to “Distance”).

  • Resolved a crash by preventing artboards from being grouped.

  • Addressed a crash related to opening the transform constraints panel in the Inspector.

  • Avoid crash when artboard width or height is less than 1 px.

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