• Joysticks!

  • New layout and location for the Assets panel.

  • Toggle between Hierarchy and Assets view using Cmd + 1 and Cmd + 2 (Ctrl on Windows).

  • Added sorting options for Assets panel.

  • Can now drag-drop multiple assets onto an artboard from the Assets panel.

  • Added multi-select support for Inputs and Listeners.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with dropdown menus, popups and other panels sometimes requiring two clicks to open, as well as some panels getting stuck open.

  • Display a warning in the editor when editor detects that a nested artboard is nested within itself.

  • Refactored Cloud Renderer and Community post modals to correctly handle conflicting (i.e., duplicate) artboard names.

  • Resolved issue with objects on the stage disappearing when an artboard with “Clip” disabled is moved outside the visible stage.

  • Fixed stretched checkbox in nested artboard flyout.

  • Tidied up file browser sort combo box.

  • Edited mismatched property names for Distance constraint in the timeline and Distance Constraint flyout.

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