Replace state machine animations





  • Replace an animation in a state machine by dragging & dropping an animation from the Animations panel onto an existing animation in the state machine.

  • New team pricing!

  • The following are now Pro/Team/Enterprise features:

    • Hierarchy tags

    • File browser folders and Animation/Input/Listener folders

    • Searching within a file (Ctrl/Cmd+k)

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the artboard size and clip attributes missing from the Inspector in version 0.8.1031.

  • Copy-pasting artboards or objects to a new file now includes tags (note: filtered/locked status for tags is not currently retained).

  • Draw Order rules can be manually reordered in the Inspector.

  • Updated SVG importing to support text with multibyte character encoding.

  • Updated Lottie importing to avoid getting stuck when the JSON is missing the font fPath attribute.

  • Resolved an issue in which a listener could mistakenly reference an event from one artboard (e.g., a nested artboard) instead of the correct artboard (e.g., the parent artboard) when the event labels in each artboard were the same.

  • State machine updated to make sure a state transition has completed before moving to the next state.

  • Resolved crash with Cloud Renderer when the project contained Referenced or Hosted assets.

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