Fixes and improvements

  • [Website] Restored “resend verification email” option in Account.

  • [Website] Updated new Account pages to be more mobile-friendly.

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards not respecting opacity value set in the parent artboard.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to snap back to a text field when dragging the cursor outside the text field onto the stage.

  • Addressed an issue on Macs related to adding a Control+Return newline at the end of a text run.

  • Resolved issue with the editor getting into a bad state when copy-pasting keyframes and performing undo multiple times.

  • Resolved an issue that made it appear that assets were loading each time a file was opened when those assets had previously failed to load.

  • Addressed an issue in which mixing animations of a nested artboard from its parent artboard could produce unexpected results.

  • Fixed a bug in which rotation cursor did not appear at higher zoom levels.

  • Resolved Windows desktop app crash when using keyboard arrow keys to edit Inspector values when Wacom drivers were installed.

  • Resolved crash when duplicating strokes in the Inspector.

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