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Jun 28, 2024


  • Team owners/admins in Enterprise plans can now enable/disable posting to the Community and generating share links for team members.

  • State machine layers now appear in search results.

  • New state machine layer selection menu.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue some Viewers were experiencing when trying to switch between Design and Animate modes.

  • Imported SVGs should retain group and shape IDs (“labels”) rather than defaulting to “Group” and “Custom Shape”.

  • Resolved crash when typing certain regular expression characters into drop-down pick lists.

  • Disabled Export Name options in the main menu and right-click “Download Revision” option in the file browser for Viewers.

  • Pointed “Send Feedback” link in the editor to the new Forum site.

  • Fixed trailing spaces being incorrectly removed from text when importing an SVG.

  • When replacing a font with an OTF font, the OTF font name is now correctly shown in the text Style panel.

  • If user clicks Cmd/Ctrl+1 or Cmd/Ctrl+2 shortcut while dragging hierarchy layers or assets, those layer/asset labels will no longer get stuck on the screen.

  • Gizmo should remain visible when adjusting the origin with Freeze (Y shortcut) active.

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