• Search feature (Ctrl/Cmd+K) now supports searching objects in the hierarchy (i.e., shapes, groups, targets, etc.).

  • Search is now enabled on all plans.

  • Added support for dragging files from the main window of the file browser into the folder tree (note: does not currently allow dragging files between accounts).

  • Refreshed file browser UI and added a few extra features:

    • Slider to adjust file/folder thumbnail size

    • Metadata showing Created date, Last Modified date, number of folder/files in each folder, and additional sort options.

Fixes and improvements

  • Viewers should not have access to right-click context menu in file browser.

  • In certain conditions, when an asset with child assets was deleted, the child assets were not correctly deleted (example: Lottie asset was deleted, but a child Font asset was not deleted).

  • Paths used as follow path targets inside shapes with 0% opacity don’t render the follow path correctly in Share links or Community posts.

  • Problem with missing audio assets when importing .rev files.

  • Listeners referencing the wrong input when the original input was deleted.

  • Crash when a canvas has a width or height of size 0 by not drawing into it.

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