• Increased maximum zoom to 25600% (released in 0.8.879).

  • Display pixel grid when zoom is at 800% or more and added pixel-snapping (enable in the visibility menu).

Fixes and improvements

  • Sorting image assets by “Added” in the Assets panel now lists assets in the order in which they were selected in the file upload dialog.

  • Addressed problem with copy-pasting files in the file browser failing in some scenarios.

  • Resolved issue with nested artboards containing referenced or hosted assets not appearing in the parent artboard.

  • Elastic interpolation should now be successfully copied when copying keys.

  • Selecting an item in the hierarchy will deselect any items selected in a state machine or timeline (to avoid accidentally deleting from the timeline or state machine).

  • Clipping is now performed per path and treats hidden paths as empty paths.

  • Removed the blue “ANIMATING” badge to reduce resource usage.

  • Improved text selection behavior when renaming file and folder names in the file browser.

  • Adjusting the size of a parametric shape using the bounding box handles will now adjust the shape X/Y positions and parametric path size.

  • Fixed issue with marquee selection behaving incorrectly when selecting vertices with the weight tool.

  • Resolved issue with share links, Community posts, etc. not loading correctly when a mesh was bound to a bone that had Y scale at 0%.

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