• Text!

    • Create text objects, styles, runs, and modifiers.

    • Animate variable fonts.

    • Google Fonts are provided by default, but you can upload custom fonts. See documentation.

    • Runs are a way to segment a text field into different sections. You can target runs at runtime to change their content dynamically. See documentation.

    • Apply different text styles to runs. See documentation.

    • Convert text to paths (flatten).

    • Text modifiers are a powerful way to add layered animation to text, while maintaining its editability! See documentation.

    • Use transform constraints to resize graphics to text objects. See tutorial.

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated follow path to respect the scale values of the constrained component and to support distance values greater than 100% or less than 0%.

  • Resolved value graph bugs related to duplicate keyframes that could result in files that would not open in the editor.

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