Marquee Zoom, manage Share Links, and new keyboard shortcuts





  • Marquee Zoom: Hold Z while dragging out a marquee to zoom in. Hold Opt + Z to zoom out. Works with single clicks, too!

  • New Share/Publish/Download action button in the Editor to quickly select common actions.

  • Manage previous Share Links and Embed codes in the redesigned Share Link UI.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to jump the playhead to the start (Cmd + Shift + ,) or end (Cmd + Shift + .) of the timeline.

  • Keyboard shortcut Cmd + R to rename hierarchy items.

  • Added Restart button to relaunch desktop app after crash.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed flickering issue with the Publish to Community modal.

  • First frame of nested artboards should no longer be dropped from exports and share links.

  • Inspector fields with three decimal place values should no longer wrap.

  • Improved file reconnect behavior after app is disconnected from backend.

  • Fixed issue that prevented copy-pasting styles between objects when text was in the clipboard.

  • No longer need an extra click in the file browser window to select folders/files or to import files.

  • Switched panning direction in Graph Editor.

  • Improved the U shortcut behavior.

  • Increased width of artboard selection dropdown for nested artboard target.

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