Folders for Inputs and Listeners





  • Added folders for Inputs and Listeners.

Fixes and improvements

  • Enabled Alt/Option to show delete button in Listeners panel.

  • Improved asset management to greatly reduce image “re-processing” time when loading a file or when the editor session refreshes.

  • Improved Lottie import behavior with nested artboards.

  • Resolved issue with duplicate artboard names when posting to the Community.

  • Copy-pasting solos with images from one file to another should now paste all images.

  • Fixed issue in which copy-pasting one image with a mesh and then copy-pasting a second image with a mesh resulting in the second mesh applied to a copy of the first image.

  • Additional fix for objects drawn “outside” of an artboard disappearing from the stage when an artboard with “Clip” disabled is moved outside the visible stage.

  • Increased memory allocated to image import jobs (some customers reported being unable to import images larger than roughly 5000 x 5000 px).

  • Desktop apps: Fixed crash related to having more than 15 bones bound to an object.

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