• Trigger color picker with I or Ctrl+C (macOS) shortcuts.

  • Enabled Cmd+R rename shortcut for nested artboards.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue in which canceling the file upload dialog would disable shortcuts.

  • Copying gradients from custom shapes/paths should now work as expected.

  • Cloud Renderer now prevents user from setting a zero width/height for exports.

  • Prevent multiple “Convert to Path” dialogs being opened at the same time.

  • Fixed issue caused by deleting an asset from the Assets panel while the asset was still uploading/processing.

  • Setting a hex color value in the inspector should now maintain the existing opacity value.

  • Fixed copy-paste not working on the Stage when browser clipboard access is disabled.

  • Addressed several issues with Ctrl+Z (Undo).

  • Fixed issue with losing focus in the Editor when Save/Open file dialogs were displayed.

  • Resolved crashes in a handful of scenarios:

    • When using Z to zoom the state machine panel.

    • Opening Animate mode when there are no artboards or animations.

    • When client has no internect connection.

    • Zooming in/out while resizing an object on the stage, typically when editing a path.

  • Updated the styling on shape bounding boxes.

  • Updated file delete confirmation dialogs.

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