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Rive for Unity now available

Designers and developers can ship interactive UI directly to the game engine


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Rive for Unity is now available as a tech preview. This allows designers and developers to ship interactive UI directly to Unity, with rich motion graphics and dynamic text.

Building UI for games has always been a challenge. Tools are generally built for developers first, and often several tools are required to take a design from concept to implementation. Now, Rive’s familiar design and animation tools make it possible for creatives to use their design and motion skills to build functional game UI for Unity. Rive’s State Machine lets you build real interactions, not just mockups or prototypes, which makes it easy for designers to iterate while reducing coding effort for devs

The tech preview lets you start using interactive Rive components in Unity today. Some features are still rolling out—see our documentation for a full list of what’s supported and what’s upcoming—but we’d love to have you try it out and share your feedback.

As of launch, Rive for Unity supports Mac and iOS (Metal), and Windows (D3D11 and OpenGL). We also have support planned for D3D12, WebGL, and Vulkan.

Rive also supports other game engines, including Defold and Bevy.

Get the Unity runtime from the Rive-Unity repository on GitHub, and check out our full documentation with examples on our site.

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