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Continued (endless) processing of the pasted asset.

1) I've copy-pasted a vector asset from the Adobe Illustrator, as I usually do (and did successfully before), but asset has not pasted but has been stack on "processing". Even I opened the project file next day, it still "processing"
2)Windows 11, last version of the desktop Rive.

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Duplicate folder with nested timelines and duplicate multiple selected timelines

  1. Ability to duplicate folders with included timelines. When planning scenes with similar structures, it would be helpful and quicker to just copy the entire folder structure. Let's say you have something like the following, and you want to make 2 more folders with similar timeline structure in each.

Folder 01

Timeline1 - idle

Timeline1 - enter

Timeline1 - exit

Folder 02 (duplicated)

Timeline2 - idle

Timeline2 - enter

Timeline2 - exit

Folder 03 (duplicated)

Timeline3 - idle

Timeline3 - enter

Timeline3 - exit

  1. If you select 2 or more timelines, the ability to duplicate all selected timelines.


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Gamepad input support

Hi, Figma user and new to Rive app here o/~

Came to Rive to explore the uses for Game UI, but couldn't find if the app supports other inputs than mouse & keyboard. It would be a great addition and hope this could be also helpful for many in the same situation.

Great app, thank you :)

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a very bad-as experience

I wanted to rename some layers so selecting the layers using my mouse button moved the artboard i have to click outside the artboard and then select again but press ctrl button to select layers, missed a layer? now press shift to select a layer and pressing ctrl removes selection, dont worry pressing Ctrl+z might restore selected layers but no repeat all again. Ok now i made a group and wanted to rename it. Guess what i cant rename the group. The most retarted menu opens with no option to rename. I tapped the hell out of my left click but no i was not able to rename any group. I added bones to my groups and i tried to copy the group with bones and guess what? only bones were copied. The hell im supposed to do with bones? I have used adobe photoshop, illustrator, figma, xd, but this is some next level experience. thumbs up for whoever was in charge of this.

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Mismatch between value passed in from React received as input value

I have a 1d blend with 2 timelines that blend based on a value (`parallax`) between 1 - 100. When I run it in Rive and change the value manually, everything works as expected - A value of 0 shows the parallaxLeft timeline, a value of 100 shows the parallaxRight timeline. Any value in between blends as expected.

When I pass the value in from React, a value of around 80+ is treated as the same as a value of 100 in Rive, meaning it only shows the parallaxRight timeline.

Notice in the first video (in Rive) that when I update the value between 90 - 100, there's a change in the parallax.

Notice in the second video (in browser) that when the value is between 90 - 100, nothing moves. I'm also updated the text run with the same value to show that the value is correct.

  • Demo: https://658df898ec129ee3d5a882ae-fodkxtsdkm.chromatic.com/iframe.html?args=&id=animations-magicalley--default&viewMode=story

  • Code: (edit, wrong link) https://github.com/lancesnider/lance-snider/pull/22/commits/dd1882183989922c56d89945bd853d5bfd10dfa7#diff-48b07bac157e9a359c0b6bb25605c0045b35d2a2bfd4e6b92336d95b8a8b2bac

What I've tried

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Can't rename layers

I imported some svg assets from figma and now when i ry to rename layers by double clicking, nothing happens. Also, there should be an option to rename the layer and to group layers when you right click them.

In the video i'm double ckicking the layers but nothing happens.

Other files are still normal

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3d ago

Desktop app stays in loading mode

I've downloaded the desktop app for Windows but it stays forever in the loading screen, I've waited for half an hour but nothing happens. I've tried deinstalling but the same thing happens.

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How to access nested artboard inputs.

Hello, I've been trying to develop a tic tac toe using Rive. Here's what I have.


Essentially I have a "Tile" artboard that have 2 inputs and one Listener, respectively, Player and Active?. In addition to that I have another artboard called NestedTileGrid which is composed by 9 "Tile" artboards. I want to load the "NestedTileGrid" and from there I would like to be able to access the inputs inside the "Tile"s. I thought I would get access to the inputs by using:

const inputs = r.stateMachineInputs("NestedTileGrid");

but I get an array with 0 length.

Doing some more digging into the docs I've found the following link, but, trying to use those functions - setNumberStateAtPath, setBooleanStateAtPath - within the rive instance I get "setNumberStateAtPath is not a function" on the console.


I've tried using the following versions and I get the same result.



So my question is: How can I access to the inputs within the Tiles inside the NestedTileGrid?

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4d ago

Joysticks and Events

I wish timelines controlled by joysticks responded to events the way they normally do. For example, if I fire an event at the end of my timeline, I would expect that event to fire when the joystick is all the way to the right.

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Joysticks in State Machine

Hi! Is it possible to use joysticks in the State Machine? Like for example, to make a cursor tracking animation.

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Rive file won't open after importing heavy Figma-made SVG file


I have an urgent deadline with a client and I tried to add in a Figma-made SVG into my Rive file that has lots of compound paths/vector layers. Don't know how Figma made it such a big SVG file when I exported it from there (around 580KB) but now because it's in the Rive file it's made it impossible to open the file without it crashing.

I've tried opening it in the Desktop app, Chrome, Safari to no avail. I've created a new file to work from temporarily but I need access to this file ASAP.

If there's a way to just delete this heavy asset from this file or revert it back to a version where this asset didn't exist, I would really appreciate that. The file ID is 356718 - 801697.

I'm not even sure if file size is the issue but if it is, wish there was a warning modal when importing potentially large files that could prevent this in the future!


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Joysticks and Events

Maybe this is a feature request, but want to check here first.

I have a control panel with various controls and a "heart" monitor. My hope was that I could affect the heart monitor state machine (4 different timelines for 4 different speeds/colors selected via a number input) with the controls.

Each of the controls is a nested artboard controlled by a joystick (except the switches at the bottom) - sort of similar to this setup (https://rive.app/community/files/10884-20860-dial/). My original hope was to fire events at different states of the control that update a number variable in the code (a little more complex than that but that's the gist of the idea). Then use that variable to update the number input that controls the monitor. It seems like this is not possible? I tried firing events in the timelines for the controls, but that doesn't seem to be how joysticks controlled timelines work. I also tried creating hit zones that would fire events, but with my current setup, its possible to set a control to off/0 with small swipes in the same spot vs actually swiping through all the hit zones.

Am I missing something obvious or do I need to rethink my whole strategy?

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Is there a way to "stack" animations like this?

I am trying to make a confetti animation where it keeps popping when triggered. I've been stuck on this part for hours now; is there a way to make the current playing animation finish whenever it triggers a new animation?

I am using a nested artboard for the burst animations, and the simple animation actually works well. But the problem is it only plays once, it should be able to play in every trigger.

I tried to use remap animation but the problem is it doesn't play the whole animation and pauses to play the new one.

Please help !

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Issue with Stopping Audio Track in Nested Artboard

If I key a long audio track (like a song) in a Nested Artboard and press play in the parent artboard, the audio track starts playing. However, the issue is that the audio track doesn't stop when I stop the state machine, even when I close the file. The only way to stop the song is by closing the entire Rive tab or the Rive app.

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Page Goes Blank/White Momentarily When Scrolling Fast with Rive Animations

I've integrated Rive animations into my Nextjs project using @rive-app/react-canvas. The animations load and function correctly, but I've encountered an issue where the page goes blank or white for a moment when scrolling quickly. This problem is intermittent and seems to occur on certain OS and browser combinations. Also this problem starts happening when multiple animations are present on a single page and appears once they are loaded.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Integrate Rive animations using the provided AnimationComponent in a React project.

  2. Deploy the project and access it on an iPhone 13 using Chrome or Safari, or on an iPhone 11 using Safari.

  3. Scroll quickly up and down the page.

Expected Behavior:
The page should scroll smoothly without any interruptions or blank/white screens.

Actual Behavior:
The page intermittently goes blank/white for a moment when scrolling fast. The animations themselves load and function fine.

Affected OS and Browsers:

  1. iPhone 13: Occurs on both Chrome and Safari.

  2. iPhone 11: Occurs only on Safari ( chrome is fine).

  3. Macbook air ( macOS Ventura 13.4 ) : Occurs on safari ( on chrome its fine)

library version:
@rive-app/react-canvas: 4.12.1,
next: 13.1.2

My code:
Parent Component:
{section.animation && (


Animation Component:
import React, { useState } from "react";
import { useStateMachineInput, useRive } from "@rive-app/react-canvas";
import Spinner from "./Spinner";

interface AnimationComponentProps {
src: string;

const AnimationComponent: React.FC = ({ src }) => {
const [isAnimationLoaded, setIsAnimationLoaded] = useState(false);

const { RiveComponent, rive } = useRive({
src: src,
stateMachines: "State Machine 1",
autoplay: true,
onLoad: () => {

return (
{!isAnimationLoaded && (

className="md:flex-1 md:h-96 h-64 border rounded shadow mx-auto my-20"
display: isAnimationLoaded ? "block" : "none",
}} // Hide animation until loaded


export default AnimationComponent;

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follow path constraint not working

Since the follow path constraint itself does work alone,

but it crashes when page auto refresh or share project link activation.

the message "Rive had to patch your project since bad data" pops up after trying to share my project.

why does this happen?

i use both desktop app and website, also I use macOS

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Heart has square around in community files:


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