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6mo ago

How to upvote features or request a new one

  1. Use the search bar at the top to check if your request already exists.

  2. Upvote any existing requests you want us to prioritize.

  3. Use the 🚧 In progress, 🚀 Launched, and 🗺️ Planned labels in the Filter menu above to see what we’re working on.

  4. If your request does not exist yet, create a new one. Duplicate requests will be deleted.

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14h ago

Custom format icons for .rev and .riv files

Title is self-explanatory. This is more of a cosmetic addition, but I feel like adding icons for .RIV and .REV files would be a nice touch :)

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19h ago

Shortcuts taking into account both Windows and Mac

Some Rive shortcuts are interfering with native shortcuts on Windows/Mac. For example, on Windows, when pressing the WINDOW+D key to show the desktop, Rive will show the dependencies graph when returning to Rive.

Also, the universal "Find" shortcut on windows is CTRL+F, not CTRL+K. Of course it is hard to take all situations into account, therefore it would be perhaps better to make the shortcuts user configurable.

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2d ago

Duplicate folder with nested timelines and duplicate multiple selected timelines

  1. Ability to duplicate folders with included timelines. When planning scenes with similar structures, it would be helpful and quicker to just copy the entire folder structure. Let's say you have something like the following, and you want to make 2 more folders with similar timeline structure in each.

Folder 01

Timeline1 - idle

Timeline1 - enter

Timeline1 - exit

Folder 02 (duplicated)

Timeline2 - idle

Timeline2 - enter

Timeline2 - exit

Folder 03 (duplicated)

Timeline3 - idle

Timeline3 - enter

Timeline3 - exit

  1. If you select 2 or more timelines, the ability to duplicate all selected timelines.


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3d ago

Gamepad input support

Hi, Figma user and new to Rive app here o/~

Came to Rive to explore the uses for Game UI, but couldn't find if the app supports other inputs than mouse & keyboard. It would be a great addition and hope this could be also helpful for many in the same situation.

Great app, thank you :)

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5d ago

Joysticks and Events

I wish timelines controlled by joysticks responded to events the way they normally do. For example, if I fire an event at the end of my timeline, I would expect that event to fire when the joystick is all the way to the right.

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9d ago

Move Start or End of object keyframes to Playhead

Just like in the above video, move one or more object keyframe to playhead

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9d ago

Rive debugger

A debugger inside the Rive editor would be very handy to trace down race conditions in complex state machines. Currently, the console does not provide enough information.

I am getting the error "State machine exceeded max iterations" and none of the sate machines show an obvious race condition.

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10d ago

Save Easing Curves

Workflows would be dramatically sped up with the addition of a feature for saving easing curves, and make global changes to them that auto-update on a timeline. I want to setup my curves and edit them globally, the same way design software allows you to set typographic styles and edit them.

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10d ago

Stroke Alignment

Rive would be more useful if there was an option to align strokes to the inside, center, or outside of a shape.

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10d ago

Boolean Shape Functions

Rive would be soooooo much better if there was a simple boolean shapes feature, akin to every other type of design software around. Currently, it is really tricky if not impossible to add, subtract, and intersect shapes. This is a huge hindrance and source of frustration for me, in an otherwise stellar tool.

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11d ago

Follow path controlled by translation either on the x or y axis

Right now an object can follow a path, but the distance on the path can only be controlled by using a value between 0 and 100 of the paths length - which means that if I have a path like the one in the picture and want my red sphere to be at 50% of the x-axis I don't have a way to do this since 50% on the path won't align with the x-axis.
I would like to be able to move an object along a path by controlling either the y or x axis (only one possible of course not both) - for example with a controller and a translation constraint.

So if i move my blue controller from left to right, the red sphere would stay on the same x position as the controller and move up and down following the grey path. For scenarios where the sphere can't follow the controller (if for example the path is u shaped and the long sides are parallel to the chosen axis) the sphere should follow the controller as far as possible and then stay at the last point where it can no longer follow - similar to how the distance constraints work in some scenarios.

thx for taking the time looking into this :)

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12d ago

Add Drag & Drop events (manually creating it with enter/exit is buggy)

Right now the only way to create drag & drop functionality is like this:

  1. Pointer down on target sets isDragging value to true

  2. When isDragging === true align target to pointer

  3. on pointer up or exit, set isDragging to false

This works alright, but is cumbersome and is pretty finicky. When you drag too fast or if you keep dragging until you're off the hit area, you can run into issues. Sometimes it doesn't clock the exit event which can cause strange behavior. See this video where it's dragging even when the pointer is up and how the distance between the pointer and the drag element drifts the more I drag:

The smaller the draggable item, the more likely you are to run into issues.


Build out-of-the-box drag/drop events into Rive that account for things like fast pointer movement, pointer up outside of the Rive artboard area.

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13d ago

Animated Vector Drawable export for android splash screens

creating nativie animated splash screen in android uses Animated Vector Drawable(AVD), which is not part of the export options , this will be great for both designers and developers, so adding this option will help create native animated splash screens

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13d ago

Passing hexcode/RGB values in inputs

Was thinking if we can pass hexcode / RGB values in inputs so the colors of elements can be changed from code level. This can massively help in creating interactions with variable colors passed from the code directly.

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13d ago

Local database & restart the scene

A local database feature should come! (Like the new feature coming to Spline)

If an event is triggered, if inputs are changed, these changes should be kept local.

Also; there should be a trigger that we can completely restart the scene with or without resetting the local database.

In fact, I think a trigger that can restart the scene before the local database is a must. There should be no need to reload every time.

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13d ago

Import Figma Frames to Rive Artboard.

Being able to import an entire Figma "Frame" as an Rive "Artboard" would speed up the workflow for UI animators. I recognize the challenges behind this feature, but I feel it would make Rive a staple tool in every Product Designer's workflow.

The SVG import flow is a bit unfinished feeling. It could also just be different UI translation.

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14d ago

Payment options

Are there any plans for including other payment options for purchasing a Rive plan? I've gotten to the point where I need the pro version for projects (including my graduation) and I'd prefer not to open up a credit card to be a able to pay for this plan (I live in the Netherlands. Usually options like iDeal or PayPal are offered because credit cards aren't frequently used here)

Even if it is in the works could someone let me know so I know if I need to get a credit card instead.


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19d ago

Timeline negative keyframe position [<0]

Timeline change proposition. While working on bigger animation chunks which length changes in time [like in production], its nice to keep animation start at 0 at all cost, and not to "hack" it via moving animation at yolo count of frames to the right. It would be nice to move keyframes out of the "working area" even in negative frames.. left from the 0. All this non linear action interpolation would be much more nicer and kind of feature would bring benefit in few angles. Clean source files, clean timestamp management, easier manipulation, cause I wouldn't need to move all my 728 layers, etc..
Blender owns this kind of smoothly. https://i.imgur.com/X0wlzPp.png

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19d ago

Import Videos into Rive Files

Please give option to import mp4 videos into Rive files. It would help a lot.

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