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How to post a bug

  1. Explain what's not working in detail.

  2. Tell us what browser/desktop app/OS/runtime you're using.

  3. Include a screenshot, video, code snippet, or a .rev backup file.

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5h ago

Rive Editor no longer display on mobile (ipad)

This happen around April 10th, i had tried on Safari (my default “desktop” version on ipad) for Rive. But now it no longer display anything

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2d ago

Scroll bars are nearly invisible

All scroll bars are almost impossible to see. Please increase the contrast.

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3d ago

Forum media issues

It is not that straightforward to add an image to a forum post. There is no button where you can add an attachment or inline picture. The only way I found to add a picture to a post is to drag and drop it to the text field. It should have more standard (add picture button) UI design.

Also, it is not possible to add a short video like you can with Discord. One step back unfortunately. If you can fix this issues, it would help a lot, especially in the bug report and support sections.

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3d ago

Font Weight not rendering

I've animated some Text Modifiers to alter the font weight but it's not rendering out. Font is Noto Serif.

What am I missing? I've tried changing the font Export Options in the Asset Tab but no luck

In Rive

Share link

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4d ago

Animation Option panel not working with nested artboard?

Confused by why my simple looped animated which i nested into an artboard to created a starfield is not showing a working animation options control panel. Embedded is a screen grab of the looped star timeline. Plus a screen grab of the artboard with the nested star and the grayed out animation options panel.

Running Rive Mac Desktop Editor version: BETA 0.8.1268

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4d ago

Listener lacking tooltip

Listeners do not have a tooltip when hovering over the set property. This makes it impossible to see which event is being listened to if the name is long.

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4d ago

Character states glitching when using a share link.

Hey there, so I'm grating a branching scenario with characters flipping through different poses. I set up an artboard to select my character and their pose with a number input and I'm using event listeners to change the number input for the pose. Everything works perfectly in Rive, but as soon as I open the share link, the character glitches to the new pose for 1 frame and them immediately goes back to the default pose at 0. I used this same method to change poses of 2 other characters, but only the one character is glitching. Is this a known bug or am I overlooking something?

I attached videos of the following: How the state machine is set up for character pose switching, how the interaction works in Rive, how it previews in the link generator, and how it glitches when the share link is used.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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5d ago

font-stroke broken or what can I do to fix it

See example, font Baloo 2, gives strange strokes when used. can I fix this somehow or do I have to find a new font?

Desktop, OSx and Win11.

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5d ago

Forum bug: jump to beginning on back button

To reproduce:

Enter a forum thread such as feature requests.

Scroll down a bit and pick a post, click on the post.

Click the browser back button (tested on firefox).

The current position jumps back to the first post instead of the post you just entered. This is unwanted behavior, it should stay where it is.

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5d ago

Selecting one timeline affects another timeline

I have two timelines. One timeline sets the scale, another timeline sets the position.

Scale: start=1, finish=10

Scale cursor position: start

When I select the position timeline, the scale timeline cursor jumps to the finished position. This makes it impossible to adjust other timelines related to the same object.

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6d ago

Blend transition bug since v2.10

Ran into an issue a month or so ago, and I noticed this is still occurring so want to alert to it – any help will be hugely appreciated! 🙂

Since Rive (using JS) version 2.10 (https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rive-app/canvas/v/2.10.0) a bug has appeared when using input values to transition to a blend state, which previously worked perfectly. Though my example is using bar charts, the principle used is further reaching and has some implications when using the method (which I believe was one suggested in some prior tutorials).

– You have a blend state with two (one keyframe) timelines – one for 0 and one for 100.
– You have an input value (0-100) which will be used to transition to a particular point in the blend
– You have a duration and ease (any ease, even linear) which is used to travel from the origin state (0) to the blended value state.
– You have the required 'reset' layer in a layer to the left to make sure the value isn't eased (well-documented method).
– You create a share link or export for runtime – it sometimes shows okay in the editor itself, sometimes not.

Basically, if you use any duration (rather than 0, which would not transition to the blend state), then what happens is that the transition occurs, before suddenly jumping to an overshot value. So say we have the input set to 25. It transitions towards 25 successfully, before jumping to something like 30.

The bug specifically started happening at v2.10, and for now for the projects I've used this for, I'm using older versions of the runtime (2.9 and below – https://www.npmjs.com/package/@rive-app/canvas/v/2.9.0) where the bug doesn't occur. I have tried lots of things to solve this, but nothing seems to fix the issue; only using an older runtime.

Lastly, attached is a test .rev file, what you see above.

Thanks again for any help, you folks rock.

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10d ago

Unity documentation out of date

Code on the website regarding events:


That is incorrect. It should be capital N for name, so:


There are other places in the documentation where the code is out of date. For example, it should be

.ReportedEvents() not .reportedEvents()

Also, this code is wrong:

foreach (var report in m_stateMachine?.reportedEvents() ?? Enumerable.Empty<ReportedEvent>()) { Debug.Log($"Event received, name: \"{reportedEvent.name}\", secondsDelay: {reportedEvent.secondsDelay}"); }

It should be "report." not "reportedEvent."

The events document page is also missing information like this code:

m_riveScreen.OnRiveEvent += RiveScreen_OnRiveEvent;

There is some more code required which is in RiveScreen.cs which is not documented.


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11d ago

Animation type icon does not update instantly...

...after quick-swapping an animation state in a state machine.

'icon 2 hover' (one-shot) was referenced in the animation state
I quick-swapped it for 'icon 2 loop' (loop) by dragging and dropping.
The icon indicating the animation type did not update. It only updates when I switch layers tabs or re-open the state machine.

I'm on Windows 10, desktop app version 0.8.1229

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11d ago

Transitions to a state with a -1x speed doesn't work with 0ms duration

I love being able to create a timeline and then use it forward and backward at different speeds in the state machine! I've noticed that when I set a transition to go to a state that has a -1x speed it won't work if the duration is set to 0ms. As soon as I add any amount of time to the duration (1ms, for example) it works. Seems like a bug.

I'm using Rive app on Mac desktop 0.8.1229.

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