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How to get support

Please post your general support questions here.

  1. Explain in detail what you need help with.

  2. Tell us what browser/desktop app/OS/runtime you're using.

  3. Include a screenshot, video, code snippet, or a .rev backup file.

For help with your account or billing questions, please contact us here.

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2h ago

Problem adding the Rive Plugin folder to UE5.3

When I add the Rive plugin folder to my unreal engine project directory I get this message:

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:





Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IDE.

Anyone had this message before?

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4h ago

How to attach a Jpeg image to a Thread?

Hello, I need support but I didn't find a way to attach my image reference to the thread -.-'

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20h ago

Mouse Enter/Exit Animation Help

I'm new to Rive and have wondered if there is a way to make my "pointer enter" animations stop playing when my mouse exits but make it stop playing like "a pause" on that exact frame and once the mouse enters it resumes playing again. Thank you for the help!

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3d ago

Exporting timeline animations to JSON?

Hi, would it be any way to export timeline animations to json/code so I can send to my client to implement with lottie?

I understand the interactions rive does (state machine) are proprietary, but could simple timelines be exported as code? Bodymovin can only export specific after effects layers (shapes, etc) - so it would be useful if Rive could export some animations?

I've made some simple button animation on Rive (Hover/ pressed) and I would like to export the two timelines as code, so my client can implement with lottie. I had a better experience animating on Rive as it's all vector and a natural way to preview with mouse clicks, so now I will have to re-create the animations on after effects. Ideally I would like to export the timelines to JSON so they can make the interactivity on their side.


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3d ago

Scoll animation loop

Hey. I have an character jumping up and down in a loop. Have a number input and blended animations and i want to play the animation when user scroll down on a framer site. Have pasted this into framer, but it doen't seems to work probably.

import React, { useState } from "react"
import { addPropertyControls } from "framer"
import RiveComponent, {
} from ""
import { useScroll, useMotionValueEvent } from "framer-motion"
function App(props) {
    const { scrollYProgress } = useScroll()
    const [scrollPct, setScrollPct] = useState(0)
    useMotionValueEvent(scrollYProgress, "change", (latest) => {
        setScrollPct(latest * 200)
    return <RiveComponent {...props} number1={scrollPct} number2={scrollPct} />
@framerSupportedLayoutWidth any-prefer-fixed
@framerSupportedLayoutHeight any-prefer-fixed
export default App as React.ComponentType
App.displayName = componentName
addPropertyControls(App, propertyControls)
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4d ago

Setting text run in nested artboard using flutter API

Hi there, I have been using the latest flutter API and older to interact with nested state machine inputs as per this helpful thread:
(looking forward to this func become officially supported in the API one day as my projects often depend on it!)

This works for inputs but at the moment I am trying to change the text inside text runs in a nested artboard without success. I can not find a way to access them from the main artboard (root text runs are fine) and no variation on the linked solution (which I have only a loose grasp of) has worked for me. I can access the value of the nested text run but if I set it to something else the render stills shows the old text.

Is there a workaround here? Would love a snippet similar to the one linked if possible. I imagine this would be a common use case for game UI where you want to set a text number field or something for one of many fields using the same design via a nested artboard.

let me know if this is best asked on github

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4d ago

Unity: unsupported metal texture

My dev getting this error: unsupported metal texture. Any ideas?

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5d ago

Raster artwork replacement function does not work

Hi all! The YouTube tutorial shows that the raster artwork added to the assets can be replaced with another one. But i dont even have such button. What could be the reason? Maybe i should update my browser version or is this feature no longer available?

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6d ago

Is there any way paid or otherwise to convert a .riv to .rev file to be able to edit them again?

I need to work on an older project of mine but I only have the .riv files those are the only thing files I have for the project. Now I discovered I cannot make any changes because the files can no longer be imported for "security reasons". I cannot recreate everything from scratch!! Is there any possible way I can convert the old file to a new file, maybe there is a download link to an old version of the editor somewhere?

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6d ago

Animation help

I've been struggling with this animation for weeks.

How can I change the speed of the logos rotating in different circles? I'd like the small circles to rotate quicker than the large circles so it's more like an orbit.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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6d ago

How to write/limit Glyphs Characters in "Export options" in Rive, documentation not covering this topic!

Numbers and characters that we dont use making file too big I need to export only certain Glyphs Characters, but how can I limited them and write characters that we need only - (0123456789,.-kmbKMB)

I can limit here as custom but still not enough I need to make it even smaller - THIS IS ANIMATION

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7d ago

adding number to make life bar

Hello, i an trying to create a dynamic life bar.

I have several boolean inputs that goes correct when my pointer is up in a certain area.

What i wish to do is to fill a bar each time this boolean is correct .

It must fill with a specific % . Like, everytime my bollean is correct, it fills 20%. whatever the boolean is.

I don't find any solution for that problem, does Rive allow that sort of interaction between elements ?

Thank you for your attention and keep the good work, Rive team, your app is a blast to work on.

Have a nice day.

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7d ago

Unity pan/zoom with RiveScreen.cs

I want to implement pan and zoom with RiveScreen.cs in Unity. But I am not sure how to implement that while also keeping the rendered Rive texture crisp when zoomed in.

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7d ago

Rive says my email isn't verified, but I'm pretty sure I have.

I can work with Rive but can't publish anything. Is it possible to get a verification email? Can't find it anywere (checked in spam, trash etc.)

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8d ago

How to layer Unity procedural rendering

How do you determine layering between existing Rive objects with procedural rendering in Unity?

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9d ago

Text Run Styles in Runtime

Hi there, I've been playing around with Rive for awhile now and, it's been real fun to see it work between Unity and Rive and all that, but I can't seem to check whether a "Style" for a certain text can be changed within Runtime.

The idea is that, a Text Run is able to change a specific text dynamically on Unity, but is it possible to access the different styles that are available in that Text Run as well? So that a text looks different depending on the kind of option it was chosen.

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9d ago

Applying bones to multiple objects

Hey, guys,

we're looking for a solution to animate our illustrations in-house. We are starting to work with Rive and I would like to ask if there is a solution to apply bones to multiple objects, see screenshot. It is two layers, one in fill, and the other in stroke. Unfortunately there is no other way to do it in one layer.

Since stroke layers are a bit more complicated (more anchor points) than the fill layer. Its not possible to match the movement for both layers, tho.

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