Fundamentals Edit Vertices

Edit Vertices

No matter the type of vector you create, you can edit the vertices by changing their position or handles in both design and animate mode.

Edit Vertices mode

To enter Edit Vertices mode, either select the shape and hit enter twice or select a path and hit enter once.

After activating Edit Vertices mode, you can select any vertex, reposition it, and edit the bezier handles.

Deep Selection

You may want to select and edit a specific path when dealing with a group of shapes. You can either find that path in the Hierarchy or you can use Deep Selection to select it directly on the Stage.

To select a path within a group on the stage, hold (Mac) or ctrl (Windows) and click the target path. Alternatively, you can double-click on the path you want to select.

Bezier Handles


‌The default handles are set to straight, which creates straight edges between vertices.

Corner Radius

The Corner Radius property allows you to round straight corners. This property only appears on vertices that are set to straight.


‌Mirrored is the default handle when you create a vertex by clicking and dragging. These handles always keep the same rotation and length.


Detached handles allow each handle to have its own rotation and length.


‌Asymmetric handles share the same rotation but can have lengths independently of each other.