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12 best Rive Community designs of 2023


Monday, December 18, 2023

The Rive Community brought new ideas and inspiring creations to life in 2023. We had our team pick out some of the best to share with you. All of these files are available to interact with in our Community.

Anime Girl by xandercorp and Anime Girl Remix by 3dfactor 

The original file was chosen because of its excellent use of Bones and Joysticks to create the animation. The remix, which added cursor tracking, is included because we feel it’s a perfect example of the community working together to elevate the file

Windy Hover Effect by Thommik 

This dynamic interaction displays rich animation and an understanding of the State Machine and Listeners.

Level Complete Menu by xandercorp

We loved the design and utility of this. Plus, it’s an awesome example of using Rive for game UI!

Curious Phone Girl by 3d Factor

This one impressed us with its smooth facial expressions. It's an awesome example of Joysticks and cursor tracking.

Made of Love by isaganttus

This file not only has great design and animation, but also uses Joysticks and Listeners to create these sweet 3D icons.

No Results Found by webksherrish

We all agreed that this design was hilarious, and the use of cursor tracking pushes the file over the top.

Periodic Table by Wayne Porter

We were blown away by this functional Periodic Table. This really impressed us, because it was built with Nested Artboards before we released the ability to control nested Inputs on State Machines! 

Logo Interaction by musaadanur

Logos don’t have to be static! This one reacts to cursor position using an elegant State Machine.

Dagger Death Skull by agil8

We loved the use of Solos on the skull and its parts to create frame-by-frame animation effects.

Twitter/X Repost Redesign by kaihenthorniwane

We chose this file not only because of its great State Machine, but also because of the subtle bounces added to each transition.

Ability Wheel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom by Haru

This ability wheel isn’t just a great idea, but also shows great execution of game UI. The interaction is driven by the State Machine and cursor tracking.

How To: Jump Over Your Buddy by NatanMoura

We were all laughing at how cute this was! A complete application with complex animation created using the State Machine and Layers

We look forward to seeing more creations in 2024. Publish your files to our Community and they may show up here next time. 

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