Unity Rive Events

Rive Events

Access Rive Events in Unity.

For more information on Rive Events see the respective runtime and editor documentation.

Accessing Events

The following code demonstrates accessing all Rive events reported from an active state machine.


foreach (var reportedEvent in m_stateMachine?.ReportedEvents() ?? Enumerable.Empty<ReportedEvent>())
    Debug.Log($"Event received, name: \"{reportedEvent.Name}\", secondsDelay: {reportedEvent.SecondsDelay}");

// Important! Call `advance` after accessing events.

The method ReportedEvents() returns a list of ReportedEvents.

Let's look at a code snippet for a star-rating Rive file. If a reported event's name is Star, the rating property of type float and a message of type string are retrieved from the event data (custom properties).

private void RiveScreen_OnRiveEvent(ReportedEvent reportedEvent)
    Debug.Log($"Event received, name: \"{reportedEvent.Name}\", secondsDelay: {reportedEvent.SecondsDelay}");
    // Access specific event properties
    if (reportedEvent.Name == "Star")
        var rating = reportedEvent["rating"] as float?;
        var message = reportedEvent["message"] as string;
        Debug.Log($"Rating: {rating}");
        Debug.Log($"Message: {message}");
  • Properties that can be read are bool, string, and float.

  • Access a dictionary of all properties with: reportedEvent.Properties.

Additional Resources

For a complete example see the getting-started project in the examples repository and open the EventsScene scene.