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An easy no-code way to get your Rive animation running anywhere.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Share Links are a fast, no-code way to integrate interactive graphics into your websites (like Framer or Webflow), favorite productivity apps (like Notion or Tome), or to present your graphics to clients on a dedicated page.

Framer example

See the video below for an example of a Rive component working in Framer, thanks to Share Links. You can manipulate the State Machine directly in Framer without code. Read our Rive + Framer article for more info on our integration with Framer.

Webflow example

As another example, see how fast you can add interactive graphics to Webflow without writing a line of code.

Notion example

In the video below, check out how easy it is to get a Rive animation working in Notion.

Tome example

See below how you can easily add Rive animations to productivity apps like Tome.

Presenting to a client

Or use Share Links to quickly present a version of your file to a client without giving them access to the complete source.

Note that Share Links create a time-locked version of your file. This is not the same as giving someone access to the live file with all its revision history.

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