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Mesh deformation and PSD support

Deform raster graphics with meshes and import PSDs to improve your workflow.


Thursday, June 30, 2022

It's getting kinda mesh-y around here.

We're excited to announce that raster mesh deformations and PSD support are now available in Rive! Import PSD files that retain their layer position, order, and names. Add meshes to your raster graphics and bring your app or website characters, props, buttons, and images to life. Make skin flex, fabric ripple, hair flow, and more.

A brief intro to mesh

  1. Import an image and add it to an artboard

2. Add a mesh to the image

3. Place vertices where you want your image to deform

4. Animate the vertices

How to use Meshes with Bones

  1. Follow the previous steps to create a mesh

2. Add bones where you want your image to deform

3. Weight vertices to bones in Edit Mesh mode

Animate the bones

Keep up with our blog and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more information and tutorials on using mesh deformation in Rive!  

Ready, set, create!

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