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Fluxverse gamifies SaaS marketing with interactivity

Interactive product demos push animation from passive to playful.


Thursday, May 23, 2024

SaaS companies are clamoring for clear and engaging product demos on their websites. They’re a perfect opportunity to show off a product’s functionality and throw in a little branding. Unfortunately, many product demos end up feeling chaotic, impersonal, and cluttered with information. 

Our pals over at Plumcat — an animation agency catering to B2B companies — are taking a different approach. Their recently launched service Fluxverse builds interactive product demos, so people can get to know a product at their own speed and in their own way.

“Interactivity is the future of animation,” Plumcat’s Co-Founder Dawid Sobieski tells us. “There’s so much potential to change how users engage with digital spaces. The attention economy craves interactivity rather than passivity.” 

Fluxverse simplifies the storytelling experience by focusing on single components that guide a customer through a self-serviced journey. Gamification elements push the demos to be more playful and creative, while also tracking metrics of what resonates and what doesn’t.

While Fluxverse will approach every demo differently, here’s an example of an interactive product demo for an Asana-style project management tool. The demo would start with a predefined project broken into tasks. Users would modify task details, assign roles, and set deadlines to see how the system updates in real-time. As tasks are completed, a progress bar fills. Each action would include immediate feedback mechanisms that positively reinforce user actions.

Powered by Rive

With their eyes on the interactive prize, Dawid and his team became early adopters of Rive. They created a Rive animation on the Principles of Animation that brought them a ton of attention. “Once we worked on that project, we understood how Rive could help us stand out from the competition,” Dawid explains. 

Less than a year later and they’ve successfully launched Fluxverse. “We would not have tried this approach [Fluxverse] without Rive. Designing and implementing interactive animations would be much more complicated and require double the developers,” Dawid continues. “There would be too many steps to make these projects valid and cost effective.”

He adds, “Rive is a crucial tool for creating complex, yet engaging animations. Its key features, such as cross-platform compatibility, compact size, and fast load speed, were invaluable during the development process.” 

Fluxverse is available on mobile and desktop. Companies can order a la carte components or a fully interactive landing page. Join the waitlist here.

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