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SVG import color bug

When copy-paste colored objects from Adobe Illustrator, everything turns black

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Hi When exported from Illustrator, you'll need to select "Presentation Attributes" in the Export As > SVG Options. Or, depending on the version of Illustrator you are using, you may try "Style Attributes". A few more details here:

Importing Assets

If you already have "Presentation Attributes" set, could you share an example SVG with us?

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Hi ,

The thing is, before copying and pasting from illustrator to rive was as simple as cmd c + cmd v. Now we need to take a different route with way more steps because since v0.8.1489 copying and pasting doesn't work anymore and results in totally black custom shapes with color #000000. And group colors that have been set to #313131.

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The only extra step you need to take is setting the Style option to "Presentation Attributes" in Illustrator's Export As > SVG Options. You only need to do that once and from then on Illustrator will apply the "Presentation Attributes" option to the Copy actions within Illustrator and pasting to Rive should work as expected.