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πŸš€ Artboard selection popup


  • πŸš€ New artboard selection popup when you create a nested artboard! See attached video.

Fixes and improvements

  • πŸ‘₯ Updated Invite Team Members page to make it clear that adding Viewer seats to a paid plan or adding Admin/Editor/Viewer seats to a Free plan has a $0 cost.

  • πŸ› Restored ability to reorder list items in the Inspector (e.g., fills, strokes, constraints, draw order rules, text styles, etc.)

  • πŸ› Fixed an issue with text fields not keeping the blue borders when releasing a drag operation outside of the text field bounds.

  • πŸ› Resolved crash when attempting to copy an artboard that has missing tags (note: user would not be aware a tag is β€œmissing” from the editor).

  • πŸ› Addressed visual glitch with the first frame of a transition caused by 1D blend states being applied twice when transitioning from another state.

  • πŸ› Fixed an issue with nested inputs exposed to a parent artboard not updating when changed from both the parent artboard and child artboard.

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