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Set Boolean Input at the end of a timeline

Is there a way to set a boolean input to false at the end of a timeline? Either directly in the timeline or somewhere in the state machine? I noticed you can set (and key) boolean properties as part of events. But I don't think those are are tied to any inputs.

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Hi Yeah. You can do it using an event. Create an event and add a key to it at the end of the timeline. Then you select the artboard and create a listener. You will see in the properties that the event appears and allows you to configure the input that you want it to trigger.

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I see. This way, it doesn't work. The input you have added to the event is different from the one you use on the state machine, and connecting it is impossible. This is used to trigger inputs through runtime. You have to select the event and create a key on the timeline (without properties). Then, select the artboard and add a listener. This allows the state machine to listen to the event. In the listener's properties, you will see that the event appears and that you can select the input you want to trigger. The inputs you are using appear here. Here you have a video and the .rev file. I hope it helps you.

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