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Rive subscription is a joke, Customer Priority?

Purchased $49 for a single member, and my thread not even being replied? I purchased it because of Customer Priority else we could just go with simple PRO version

Also since im hiring multiple guys for short time and simple tasks, we have core team and temporary member.
Since i dont want to include temporary into Pro-Team. Would be pleased to know the best way of this kind of workflow? like how they can share their works? since no share-links?

We are building game, and gonna invest with Rive heavily!

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Hi Sorry for not answering sooner. I will respond to the thread soon. Regarding what you are asking, the best option is to have a team, because this way all the work is in the same place and you can keep track of the work, export each file, etc. If you choose not to use a team, you can use the Share link or Share an animation option to review the work, but each user, who has a free account, will only be able to export the file. riv. This means that you will not be able to open the file (you need the .rev), to have a backup copy or make changes. I think can tell you more about this.

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Hi Thank you for reaching out. If you have a priority issue, we recommend submitting a ticket via our customer portal: Customer Portal.

Regarding your question about adding people to your account, the Team account is the best option for you. When you add members to the team, you can assign them roles as admins, editors, or viewers. Viewers have view-only permissions and are free, while editors and admins are paid seats.

Please note that none of our account tiers allow the importing of .riv files. Only paid accounts can download .rev (backup) files, although all accounts can import a .rev file.

If you have a temporary person joining your team who needs to edit files, you will need to pay for their seat on your team.