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Clipping with nested artboard

I would like to create an interactive grid with clipped picture. Is it possible to use a nested artboard (a simple solid gray rectangle) as a clip for an object? I can't handle it. If i create with separately clipped and developed parts, it works, but not with nested clip parts.

(The original file is a 3x3 grid, i remade it in 2x2 for less work.)

This is what i'd like to achive: https://rive.app/s/HVsIYeC8xEi756FEdOPSXg/

Original rev file attached below.

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Hi , you can clip the nested artboard to a shape, but you cannot clip the shape to a nested artboard. This is something that Rive doesn't support yet. What you can do is create a shape with the same shape/size as the nested artboard and use it to do the clipping. Then, using a constraint, you can make the nested artboard follow that shape.