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Separate runtime File into multiples Subfiles

I will explain this feature with my use case. I am developing a game using Flutter and Rive. Currently, I have a large Rive file containing all my character’s animations, weapons, and skins (as nested artboards or Solos). However, I have a problem: to use a specific character or skin, I need to load the entire Rive file into memory for every character in the game. This file is huge (several MBs of raster images).

If I could define file dependencies for each artboard, it would help reduce the final file size. At runtime, you would specify where each file is located, and the Rive object would load it only when needed.

By breaking down a large Rive file into smaller, modular subfiles, you can significantly reduce the overall file size, making it more efficient to load and manage assets.

Loading only the necessary files at runtime can enhance the performance of a game, as it reduces memory usage and loading times.

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