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Animation options

Hi everyone!

So, I really enjoyed working on that remap animation and while doing it, I jotted down some thoughts that I missed. I know it's impossible to include everything in the world but maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Here's what I was thinking:

  1. It would be great to see the original animation's length on the timeline. I drew an example here, like this (with a green bar), how it could look. After creating an animation, let's say it takes 1.5 seconds. Then, I can use that animation in another art board using "nested artboards" and "remap", setting the keys from 0-100%. But I want to focus on the original length so I know if I'm speeding up or slowing down, or if I need to keep the original speed. So, something like a visual indicator would be awesome, and ideally, the animation keys would also magnetize to the start and end of that bar.

  1. Change the animation order on the timeline (visually)

    While working, I wanted to arrange the keys and arrange the animation keys in a more consistent hierarchy, but since the main animation was done via "remap", the layers in the animation cannot be swapped. I want to move them back and forth freely. And also change the order of any layers without affecting their order in the Hierarchy panel.

  1. Change the type of mixing of animation tracks

    Rive uses only one "mix" parameter for mixing. There is a similar non-linear animation tool in blender where there is a more flexible track mixing setting.

    At the moment, if we line up two animations in a row, then the last animation will have an advantage over the first, even if it does not overlap each other in the timeline (in the screenshot it is "hold". So it would be great to have several settings, such as Nothing, Hold, Hold Forward. In the screenshot, I will indicate the strength of the impact of the tracks with lines

    Adding such an opportunity would speed up the work

Thanks for listening!

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