19d ago

RIve animation that works in editor freezes on share

I have an animation that works fine in the editor, and up until yesterday, worked perfectly with the share links.

But now the animations suddenly stops in different moments.

Strangely, when changing viewport size(or turning the phone on mobile) the next state is showed. I am using Chrome on Desktop and iOS on mobile.

Please help me solve this problem, since this project is a commission. Thanks.

Here you can see a video of the problem:

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19d ago

hi! can you share the .rev file and the link to the share link?

18d ago


Here they go. Thanks for your help!

Share link: https://rive.app/s/ZsjRVPpgQ0iMWhGO7mQGiw/

With embed link(the one that is most problematic(put https: before) //rive.app/s/ZsjRVPpgQ0iMWhGO7mQGiw/embed

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16d ago

hi! This has been fixed and it's working correctly now in that link. Thanks for reporting it!

15d ago

Embed link still freezes for me :(

Any idea why and how to fix it? Thanks!

15d ago

can you try clearing the cache?
The link is working fine for me now, and it was previously failing.
Is this link the one you're still testing?

14d ago

Thanks a million! clearing the caché did update it.