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Just started using Rive and already hiting a number of limitations.

I just started using Rive and am already facing several limitations. 

The clipping (masking) process is just not simple to use (as opposed to AE or Figma). Even after I masked an item and then accidentally clicked on something else, my mask disappeared, and I had to waste much time trying to figure out how to get back since you can’t even go back if you click the wrong shape).

After I figured that out, I grouped a number of items together, including that clipped shape, and when I tried to move the entire group, the mask didn’t move and just remained in the same place, even as a child.

So, the masking process is just not where it needs to be. 

No drop shadow effect and glow. Of course, there are ways around it, but it would be great to have those. 

Is there a way to precompose things? Nest them? What if I need to duplicate the same button seven times and then decide to change it? Do I have to change each button individually? 

That’s just after a few hours in Rive. I like it, but it has many limitations. 

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Hi Thanks for your suggestions.

What you say about the clipping option is not normal. It's possible that something is affecting the clipping or that it was a bug. When you use clipping on a shape, you select a second shape as a target to use as a clip. If both are within the group, they will move with the group. If the shape that has the clipping option is out, you will see the clipping in the same position and the cropped shape will move. And if the shape you use as a target is out, then you will see that the clipping moves and the cropped image remains in the same position.

Regarding effects such as blurs and drop shadows, these will be implemented once the new render is running in the editor.

Regarding percomposing, the closest thing is the nested artboard. You can create a button with its interaction in an artboard and then in a main artboard add them as instances using the nested artboard option.

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Just saw your reply. Thank you! Looking into it right now.