Run Rives anywhere.

Render your interactive Rive animations with our open-source runtimes.


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Tiny file sizes

Rive files are a fraction the size of videos, GIFs, image sequences, or JSON-based formats. Whether you bundle your animations or deliver them remotely — our optimized format helps keep your app small.


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Buttery smooth playback

Rive animations run in real time. You can expect buttery smooth playback, even when you speed up or slow down your animations.


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Connect, transition, and mix animations

Want to transition from one animation to another or play multiple at once? Set up a State Machine in the Editor or seamlessly mix animations together at runtime.



Open-source runtimes across every platform

Our runtimes are open-source, giving you the ability to evaluate, contribute, or modify them. They're optimized for all major platforms to have a small footprint and give you full control of your Rives.



High-level convenience with advanced control

Our simple API makes loading and running your Rives easy. Use our advanced APIs to take full control.